On Thursday the fictitious Vampire Diaries restaurant, the Mystic Grill, caught on fire. According to the Associated Press, authorities don't believe the fire will affect filming for the hit CW series.

The fire struck Thursday Morning, sending the Covington Fire Department to an office building that is also the back drop for Mystic Falls' favorite restaurant and bar. RockdaleCitizen.com reports that the electrical fire started after a vehicle struck a power pole behind the building.

A delivery truck was trying to deliver something at the Bell South building and pulled into the parking lot back there, said Covington, Georgia Assistant Fire Chief Tony Smith. Our belief, though the driver denies it, is he snatched down the wires and set an electrical surge through the buildings and it found a weak spot.

According to RockdaleCitizen.com, the fire damage is estimated to be around $200,000, but lawyer Jimmy Alexander believes the repairs may reach $1 million. The historic building, which was originally built in 1890, suffered from smoke damage, causing some offices in the building to be gutted. Fire officials reported to the Covington News that the facade for the fictional restaurant remains intact.

Julie Plec, executive producer of the Vampire Diaries tweeted, Seriously, though, hope everything is okay.