Veena Malik appears to be the Pakistan version of India's Rakhi Sawant. With her constant effort to make it to the headlines and flow of controversies one after another, the 33-year old model seems to be a mirror image of Sawant and a little too desperate for attention. All her stunts might have worked out well for her. However, undermining the risks, she just did a little too much this time.

The latest brouhaha that's created around the Pakistani actress is about the nude cover photo that is displayed in the December edition of FHM Magazine. Though the (in)famous actress has strongly denied the photo shoot, the editor of the magazine and the stylists present during the shoot have come forward to claim that the shoot took place in Versova, Mumbai, Nov 23.

The actress has said that she does not want to talk about the nude cover page controversy, where she is donned only in an ISI tattoo on her left upper arm. Instead, she would want to talk about her Swayamvar (a reality show in which she will be choosing her life partner).

We are not sure of how many potential grooms are going to come forward with all the latest controversy she has got herself into, but Miss Malik seems to be pretty excited about the show and has certain set criteria for her future beau.

So what's the route to Miss Malik's heart? Here is what she has to say.

In an article in, Malik says religion and nationality are the last things on her mind when it comes to choosing her man. What matters the most is love which is pure, pristine and unconditional. Then, of course, money matters. The controversial actress wants someone who can take care of her. The man has to be good looking. However, that is not the priority.

Malik, a Pakistani Army soldier's daughter, also emphasizes on the character of the man she might possibly be spending her life with. She says the list is long, but given that a man has these few qualities, she says she can compromise the others.

Malik, known to be a representative of World Health Organization, has listed hypocrisy and bad breath to be her biggest turn offs.

Veena Malik became the choice of Imagine TV's Swayamvar series, only after the famous and much controversial Swayamvars of Rakhi Sawant, Rahul Mahajan and Ratan Rajpoot.

Wedding or not, one thing is for sure - Veena Malik sure is earning some big bucks from the show and, not to mention, a good amount of publicity for herself and everyone associated with it.

Another rumor doing the rounds on the internet is that the show producers are paying her Rs 1.5 crore extra on an already whooping Rs 3 crore amount, if she weds one of the aspirant grooms.