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Verizon HTC One sign up page Verizon

The elusive Verizon HTC One has become a little more concrete as a signup page for the upcoming smartphone has recently surfaced.

Interested customers can now sign up at Verizon’s website for more information on the HTC One, which has been a long time coming for Big Red. The device was launched in mid-April, and we have seen the HTC One release on all other major networks. Even competitors such as Samsung have seen their 2013 flagships released on Verizon, despite rollouts much later than other carriers. The signup page is the most solid proof we’ve gotten that the HTC One is in fact coming to Verizon since June, when the carrier tweeted about a “later summer” release.

It is now mid-August, and the Verizon HTC One has yet to hit markets. Amid rumors of its release date being delayed several times, a number of sources have proposed varying release dates for the Verizon HTC One, including Aug. 15 and Aug. 29. Now, tech website Droid-Life suggests that the device will be release on Aug. 23. With no word from Verizon, most are ruling out a release on Thursday and are leaning toward the HTC One hitting Big Red on either Aug. 23 or Aug. 29, which gives Verizon a decent amount of time to make an announcement.

One more prospective release date suggestion was derived from a possible hint directly from Verizon. Android Authority notes that on the signup page for the Verizon HTC One, the device handset in the image is set to the date Sept. 5, which the tech website considers could be a teaser from the carrier.

Amid all of the other device releases, the latter release date may be plausible for the HTC One. Verizon recently announced that the Droid MAXX and Droid Ultra will be available in stores on Aug. 20 and will ship by Aug. 27. Rumors also indicate that Verizon may release the new Moto X on Aug. 29.

Officially, Sept. 5 is still “late summer,” albeit a little later than most have expected. Many consider that Verizon may not want to release its HTC One among all the hullabaloo of its other releases. However, with the HTC One having already been on the market for four months without a Verizon release, consumers are likely just looking for a definitive date.

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