• The motorcyclist, whose head was run over by the wheel of a tractor trolley, survived thanks to his helmet
  • A video of the accident captured by security cameras went viral
  • It is unclear if the man sustained injuries from the accident, though he was seen standing up in the clip

A helmet-wearing motorcyclist in India's Gujarat state was captured on camera having a narrow escape after his head was run over by the wheel of a passing tractor trolley.

The incident happened while the man was driving a motorcycle, with a woman and a child riding pillion, along a waterlogged street near the Garbada crossroads in the city of Dahod Tuesday afternoon, The Times of India reported.

The man lost his balance after going through what seemed like a pothole, and he fell on his right side directly under the trolley attached to a tractor passing by, footage of the accident showed.

In the now-viral video, one of the rear wheels of the trolley can be seen passing over the head of the man. However, the man was seen standing up within seconds. The woman and the child were seemingly unhurt.

Two men helped the motorcyclist up from the ground as the woman and the child seemingly approached the driver of the tractor that had stopped a few feet away. One of the Good Samaritans appeared to check on the motorcyclist's condition, the video showed.

The helmet the man was wearing at the time was believed to have saved him, according to The Times of India.

The accident reportedly occurred just hours after a youth riding a motorcycle in Dahod was caught on video having a miraculous escape.

The video of the Monday incident, which also went viral, showed the motorcyclist riding along the Godhra Road get hit by a state transport bus. He got trapped under the bus but was able to wriggle himself out of the vehicle to safety.

The man had tried to overtake the bus, but he misjudged the turn that the bus would take and ended up getting hit and "swallowed" in the space between the road and the floor of the vehicle, the video showed.

People who ran over to check what had happened were surprised when the man wriggled out from beneath the bus. The man then proceeded to rub his head and walk to his motorcycle, which had been thrown several meters away during the incident.

It is unclear whether the two men in the videos sustained injuries from the accidents. Additionally, what happened after the accidents is unknown.

helmet-5040167_1920 Representation. The man whose head was run over by the wheel of a tractor trolley allegedly survived because of the helmet he wore. Photo: Pixabay