• A 61-year-old nurse died near a construction site in Brooklyn
  • Video showing Estelle Davis being run over by a backhoe emerged
  • Police initially thought it was a case of hit-and-run

A nurse in Brooklyn died on Friday while on her way to work after she was reportedly run over by a backhoe. Her family is seeking answers about how the tragedy happened after a video of the incident emerged. 

Police said that Estelle Davis, 61, who worked two jobs as a home health care nurse, was killed near New Lots and Van Sinderen Aves. in East New York on Friday afternoon.  

Initially, the police thought it was a case of hit-and-run, but now believe that a backhoe ran her over, WABC reported. Authorities are now trying to determine if the driver of the backhoe knew that someone had been hit. 

The backhoe seemed to come from a nearby construction site, according to New York Daily. Police said that detectives are looking for contractors on the job and workers onsite at the time. 

The construction site has been issued five violations and faced 15 complaints since 2016, the report added. 

Davis’ family is now seeking details and answers about the tragedy. Questions have been raised over why no one was watching the traffic behind the backhoe. 

“I don’t see how he (driver) wouldn’t have seen her,” Davis’ cousin Alisha told Daily News after viewing the video. “They should have had the workers with the flags. ... It’s painful.”

No arrests have been made so far as the investigation continues. Investigators are also trying to determine if a crime was committed or if it was an accident.

Her friend Marie Brathwaite told CBS New York that "any way you look at it, it’s a tragedy. I don’t know what happened, but God knows what happened." 

“They should come forward and tell the truth. Just tell me what happened. It doesn’t matter. Just tell the truth. That’s it.”

Last year, a Florida woman died when she was run over by a van after confronting four teens accused of beating up her son. The woman suffered a traumatic brain injury and several broken bones. 

In another incident, a Massachusetts woman got seriously injured in 2019 when her 9-year-old son accidentally ran over her. The woman was unloading the car when her son changed the gear to reverse and the vehicle began rolling back. 

construction-3817887_1920 Backhoe Photo: Pixabay