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  • The group of students who attacked the non-binary child were from another high school
  • The violence escalated when they found out that the victim identifies as non-binary
  • The victim's father condemned the deplorable attack on his child

A video of a non-binary child in England being viciously attacked in a park after school Tuesday is now circulating, and the victim's dad has spoken out about the abuse his child suffered at the hands of their peers.

"I am absolutely distraught and disgusted with what I've seen. What makes it worse is my child is on the floor not moving as they are kicking them," the victim's dad told Manchester Evening News.

The footage, which was obtained and published by the outlet, showed the 12-year-old victim being surrounded, physically assaulted, and allegedly called slurs by a "mob" of around 15 other children, according to the report.

At one point in the footage, an individual can be heard yelling, "Go on," as the victim was attacked.

Greater Manchester Police said that it was aware of the video, which was filmed in Chorlton Park in Manchester, and that inquiries into the incident are still ongoing.

The incident started when the victim and a friend were told by a group of students to get off the swings at the park, the victim claimed. The students were from another high school.

The victim claimed that one person "kicked" them in the back of their right knee, which caused them to fall over, while another started "pushing and shoving" them.

They claimed that when the group found that they identify as non-binary, the students went ballistic on them.

The victim's dad said that the incident had already set off a chain reaction among other students, who now fear going back to school.

"The videos have been circulating and my child's phone is pinging all the time with people saying they can't believe it's happened, but now they are fearing going back into school because of it," the dad told Manchester Evening News.

"You can see a girl grab them and swing them around onto the floor and hitting them in the head. They were the smallest there and it was a mob against one," the dad added.

The child was eventually helped by passers-by and taken to a nearby school. A medical examination found that the victim sustained bruising to the head and neck.

"I am worried about their safety. We've got 12- and 13-year-olds behaving like this now and thinking they can get away with it," the child's dad said.

"It is just disgusting and I have only seen a seven-second clip. I watched it and was just horrified, they are like animals," he added.