Golden State Warriors stars Steph Curry and Klay Thompson can knock down 3-pointers but can they move a sumo wrestler?

On Thursday, the sharpshooters tested their strength against a five-time world record sumo wrestler in Japan. Suffice it to say, the NBA champion backcourt didn't find themselves on the winning side.

Curry, 37, and Thompson, 32, each took a turn against Hakuho Sho, a 37-year-old who debuted in professional sumo wrestling in 2001.

Videos of the match-ups made their way to the team's Twitter account.

Sho showed Curry and Thompson the correct technique and posture to use. He quickly outlasted them both in just seconds. Sho doesn't appear to even flinch as the two make attempts to move him.

Curry and Thompson quickly quit.

Sumo wrestling is the national sport of Japan. Two wrestlers use their body weight to force their opponent out of the ring in order to win the match.

Sho, who is retired, is listed at 333 pounds, which is likely why Curry and Thompson had a hard time moving him. Curry is 185 pounds, while Thompson weighs 220 pounds.

Sho's career included 45 top division sumo championship wins, becoming reigning yokozuna for 84 tournaments. He has 1,093 sumo division wins, a record 1,187 matches won in a professional sumo career and a record 16 undefeated top division sumo championships, according to the Guinness World Records.