Viernes Santo, or Good Friday
Filipino penitents are nailed to wooden crosses during a reenactment of Jesus Christ's crucifixion during Good Friday in Barangay Cutud, San Fernando, Pampanga in northern Philippines April 6, 2012. Reuters

Viernes Santo is today. Here is a breakdown of the 5 best ways to celebrate Good Friday.

Viernes Santo, or Good Friday, is observed on the Friday before Easter Sunday, and is a commemoration of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, and the suffering that led up to that historic moment.

Christians consider Viernes Santo (the Spanish name for Good Friday) to be one of the most solemn holy days of the year, and many more-devout Christians spend the day reflecting on the passion of Christ, and the idea that he gave his life for mankind.

There are many ways to celebrate Viernes Santo, or Good Friday, and here is a breakdown of the 5 best ways to celebrate this holy day:

1. Fasting: Many people take a break from food on Good Friday, hoping to use their fast as a way to connect with Christ and experience some of the suffering, or passion, that he underwent before he was hung from a cross. By fasting, people are able to focus more of their energy on reflection and prayer, and their mind becomes clearer, allowing for a greater absorption of the day's message.

2. Praying: Many Christians choose to spend Viernes Santo in prayer, as praying allows them to connect with God and to meditate on the sacrifice that his only son, Jesus Christ, made by giving his life to absolve them of their sins. Good Friday is the prelude to Christ's resurrection on Easter Sunday, and though Viernes Santo is a day spent remembering a great loss, it comes just a couple of days before the great joy that comes with celebrating Jesus' return to Earth after his death.

3. Singing: The joy of song can help sooth any great sorrow, so many people choose to sing hymns on Good Friday in commemoration of their Lord's greatest sacrifice. Many wonderful hymns have been written that deal with the themes introduced on Viernes Santo. Some of the best hymns to sing on Good Friday include O Sacred Head Now Wounded, Were You There When They Crucified My Lord? Alas! And Did My Saviour Bleed? Depth of Mercy and The Wonderful Cross. Performing or listening to any of these songs of devotion and faith is a nice way to spend Good Friday.

4. Reading Scripture: The story of Good Friday, like any other tale of Jesus Christ's life, can be found in the Holy Bible, and reading some of the passages of scripture that tell of the death of Jesus will help you to recall the story of the passion and the crucifixion, and reconnect you with the essence of this holy day. The scripture passages that tell this timeless tale of devotion and love for man are included in the following passages: Matthew 27:27-28:8; Mark 15:16-16:19; Luke 23:26-24:35; and John 19:16-20:30.

5. Repenting: Jesus Christ gave his life for the sins of humanity on Good Friday, suffering as thorns dug into his face, a spear was thrust into his side, nails were driven through his wrists and he was left to die on the cross in the glare of the hot sun. As such, it is the least a good Christian can do to take a few moments on Vierne Santo to repent for their sins.