Virgin Voyages’ adults-only cruise ship “Scarlet Lady” has unveiled its splendid uniforms for the crew. The dress code looks like a spectacular fashion statement.

The uniforms were revealed on Friday ahead of their showcase at London Fashion Week on September 15. The uniforms are replete with capes, suspenders and red sneakers.

They have been created by British fashion designer Garreth Pugh. 

According to a press release, Virgin Voyages have taken the staff input at every stage of the design process.

Gareth Pugh said Virgin Voyages’ team worked hand-in-hand to bring out the most stylish “uniforms on the high seas.”

“People are at the heart of all of our Virgin companies and when our people feel their best, they help make guest experiences the best they can be,” said Chairman Sir Richard Branson.

According to Branson, the intent is to make the crew the happiest at sea, comfortable and confident.

Departure from traditional uniforms

Unlike traditional uniforms for cruise employees with accessories like waistcoats and ties, Virgin Voyage outfits look sophisticated and sexy.

A line of red capes, red and black dresses, striped t-shirts and unisex black and white ensembles with suspenders mark a change from the past and conventional.

The outfits are paired with red sneakers, made by PLAE. They are gender-neutral and custom-designed.

The new uniforms of Scarlet Lady offer the crew a range of looks for day and night. It ends the practice of wearing epaulets stripes for officers, ties and waistcoats and starts a new era in cruise crew dressing practices.

Design Pugh said: “We ultimately wanted to make everything about it modern, luxurious and desirable — to allow the entire crew to look and feel like a million dollars, in keeping with the rest of the experience.”

Virgin Atlantic, a sister airline, majority-owned by Delta also announced that they would no longer require flight attendants to wear makeup.

The adults-only cruise was announced in January 2019. According to cruise news, the plans of Virgin Voyages have shaken up the industry.

It will not force guests to wear formal wear and dispense with the practice of assigned seats. The “no-tipping” policy avoids unexpected expenses for guests.

Inaugural sailing in April 2020

The Scarlet Lady’s inaugural sailing with cruise deals will take place in April 2020. The maiden travel will be from Miami to Key West and Virgin’s private Bimini Beach Club in the Bahamas.

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