Desperate attempts to get into the mind of Ukranian heavyweight boxing champions Wvladimir and Vitali Klitschko never end.

In July 2011, before a widely publicized heavyweight unification fight, David Haye repeatedly boasted that he'd knockout reigning champion, Wvladimir Klitschko. Haye lost in a spectacular fashion. At the end of the fight, he famously blamed the loss on his injured toe.

Wladimir's older brother Vitali, long considered the more talented of the two Ukranian brothers, is the most recent victim of shenanigans before a heavyweight title fight.

Dereck Chisora, the Zimbabwean-born British boxer, slapped Vitali at the fight's weigh in.

BBC 5 boxing reporter Mike Costello, who attended the weigh-in, called Chisora's actions disgraceful.

Somehow, Klitschko refrained from hitting back, said Costello. He looked shocked. It has never happened to him before.

Chisora, 28-years-old compared to 40-year-old Vitali, goes into the fight as a big underdog. Still, Chisora remains confident that he will be the man to dethrone the Ukranian champion.

I will end the Klitschko reign and cause a massive upset, said the British fighter. It is the end for Vitali, I promise you.

A young British boxer over-hyping a heavyweight fight against a Klitschko brother? -- sounds about as appealing as David Haye vs. Wvladimir Klitschko II, or in other words, not appealing at all.

Vitali Klitschko battles Dereck Chisora on Saturday, Feb. 18 at Olympiahalle, Munich, Bayern, Germany. Klitschko is 43-2 coming into the fight. Chisora is 15-2.

Here's a video of the slap:

Here's a video of the heavyweight champions greatest hits: