'Israeli vulture caught and convicted for spying on Saudi Arabian territory' -- sounds amusing but seems Israel has put the scavenging birds to better use than feeding on carcasses.

Israel's Haaretz Service reported that the bird in question was part of research experiment carried out by the Tel Aviv University, studying migratory patterns of the bird. The vulture was captured in rural Saudi Arabia with a transmitter and a tag on its leg stating the words Tel Aviv University.

However, the capture of the vulture with the not-so-subtle tag caused the Saudi Arabian authorities to term the aerial invasion as a Zionist plot. The accusations gained traction with multiple websites and forums claiming that the Israeli outfit Mossad was behind this vulturely espionage.

Also recently Mount Sinai regional governor reported that Israel had embarked on an aquatic attack by sending killer sharks instead of submarines on its Red Sea port, to stifle its tourist industry. Guardian had reported last month that a 70-year-old tourist died after being attacked by a shark in the Red Sea. It was also reported that four Russian tourists were mauled by sharks at the Egyptian Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh.

While accusations fly overboard, the use of vultures as spying vehicles certainly offers a better option to expensive Drones.