Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant
Stephen Curry is averaging 32.5 points per game 10 games into the 2018-19 NBA season. In this picture, Curry #30 and Kevin Durant #35 of the Golden State Warriors stand on the court during their game against the Washington Wizards at ORACLE Arena on Oct. 24, 2018, in Oakland, California. Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Kevin Durant has revealed he enjoys sharing the court with fellow Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry and believes their games compliment each other.

Durant and Curry have played a big role in helping the Bay Area team winning back-to-back NBA championships. And their presence along with three other All-Stars in Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and DeMarcus Cousins has seen them being tipped as the favorites to win the title again in 2019.

The point guard is the leader of the team and the Warriors will always be known as Curry’s team, but Durant has won the NBA Finals MVP in the last two seasons and has held his own despite being criticized for joining a winning team.

The two have again played a key role in helping the Warriors to a 10-1 start in the Western Conference with their only loss coming against the West’s second placed team, Denver Nuggets.

Durant credits their chemistry on court to their understanding of each others games. He feels both the players are aware when the other needs help and believes that is one of the reasons they are successful as a team.

“Our games match. They mix and match on the court,” Durant said, as quoted on Yahoo Sports. "When Steph is not shooting the ball well, I feel like I can kind of come in and give him some help, and vice versa. That’s what team is all about. Helping guys out, especially at a time when they really need it.”

“I think Steph knows when that time is for me and I know when that time is for him. Over the last two years, that experience has helped us out.”

Curry is already being touted as one of the favorites for the regular season MVP in 2019 after starting the season with an average 32.5 points per game. Durant is not too far behind with 28.3 points per encounter.

The Warriors small forward also said their knowledge of the game helps them read the game better, which aids them in their pursuit of performing at a high level consistently.

"It’s just a feeling about how the game is going,” Durant added. “Just the flow. Steph is a point guard. He has been playing that position his whole life. So, he kind of understands the flow of the game. I feel like I have that same IQ, that same knowledge for basketball.”

At the moment, the Warriors look unstoppable and it will take a braver man to bet against them winning their third straight title in 2019. However, there is still a long way to in the season with their next encounter coming against the Milwaukee Bucks, who also have lost just one game this season and are currently second in the Eastern Conference.