“Dancing With The Stars” contestant Bill Nye (the Science Guy) could be out of the competition for good if the rumors about his injury are true. The notorious 90s television star reportedly suffered a knee injury on Monday night while dancing with professional dance partner Tyne Stecklein, Eonline.com wrote.

The story first appeared on Rumorfix.com, and Eonline.com quoted a statement from an ABC representative. “We can confirm Bill Nye was injured during his performance last night and is currently seeking medical attention,” the comment read. “We will continue to keep you posted on his progress.”

The Eonline.com report added that he got an MRI and might need surgery. During Monday night’s performance, his partner asked if he was OK after their dance, and a look of discomfort ran across Nye’s face, even though he said he was fine. He apparently had fallen at the end of the routine, though it looked like it was part of the performance. None of the judges mentioned his tumble, either.

The 57-year-old science wiz had only preformed two dances, the first of which went viral on YouTube. Even though he received the lowest scores (14/30) of the night from the judges on Sept. 16, he was able to oust former football star Keyshawn Johnson during Monday night’s elimination.

"I mean, it's the cha cha with a guy in a lab coat," Nye told Eonline after his first dance. "That was a great surprise. What it says to me that is we [have] the lowest judges' scores by a fantastic factor, but what's keeping us in it is the show, so we are going to keep bringing the show!"

He dressed for the show for the second week in a row, but he did so as Ludwig van Beethoven on Monday night as he danced the Paso Doble to Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. He’s supposed to do the Jive next week. According to the news site, he and his partner were “very excited” and wanted to incorporate Nye’s "social swing background."