Crime scene
A barber was stabbed multiple times to death by an unhappy customer in Russia. In this photo, Interior Ministry officers, investigators and members of special services stand behind barrier tape in a settlement of the Novoselitsky district, where a local police station was recently attacked, in Stavropol region, southern Russia, April 11, 2016. Reuters

A viral video has captured the moment a barber in Russia, Dany-Dastan Adkhamov, was allegedly stabbed to death in broad daylight with a meat skewer by a dissatisfied customer, Pavel Luzyanin, who did not like his haircut. The fatal attack took place in the town of Troitsk, 23 miles south of Moscow.

Luzyanin had gone for a haircut to Adkhamov on Friday and he left the shop in an unhappy manner only to return the next day. The barber had agreed to improve the cut, but Luzyanin apparently did not like any of the options provided by the barber.

Luzyanin's anger knew no bounds when his friends at a nearby car repair shop mocked at his haircut and said he like a prisoner, a report published by the Daily Mail said.

In the video, Luzyanin is seen chasing Adkhamov into the street and stabbing him thrice. After the attack, Luzyanin walks away but as soon as Adkhamov staggers to his feet before being helped by a passing cyclist, the attacker turns around, walks up to the barber and stabs him again. The act was captured by the CCTV cameras, reports said.

The story of the attack was initially shared by State Duma MP Anton Belyakov on his Facebook page in which he wrote that one of his friends knew the victim and described him to be a very skillful barber.

Belyakov also wrote that the victim, known as ‘Danya’ among colleagues, was from the central Asian Republic of Uzbekistan, according to RT, a Russian international television network.

Belyakov’s post and media reports about the attack during the broad daylight caused online outrage in the country with many condemning the suspected murderer and questioning why passersby did not help the victim, RT reported. The video uploaded on YouTube was shared more than 300,000 times at the time of publishing the story.

The graphic video can be seen here.