Billy Joe Vs Willie Monroe
British professional boxer Billy Joe Saunders' son Stevie Saunders kicks his father's opponent Willie Monroe Jr. during the weigh-in at the BT Sport Production Hub, London, Sep. 15, 2017. Reuters/Tony O'Brien

British professional boxer Billy Joe Saunders' seven-year-son seemingly annoyed his father's punching opponent, Willie Monroe Jr., when he delivered a low-blow to Monroe Jr., a day before World Boxing Organization’s middleweight title fight on Saturday.

At the weigh-in before the fight as the opponents squared off, Stevie Saunders, the seven-year-old, stepped in between the two boxers onto the weighing scale as they flexed their muscles to the cameras. When Monroe Jr. playfully ruffled the boy’s hair, the kid punched him below the belt.

The security guards standing near Monroe Jr. promptly pulled Stevie away while his father continued to flex his muscles to the cameras after a swift glance at his kid.

According to New York Daily News, Monroe Jr. also continued to pose for the cameras after the punch. However, BBC reported the boxer was not pleased, and he called the incident stage-managed. "Warren should be ashamed of himself,” he said, referring to the boxing manager and promoter, Frank Warren.

Saunders, who is defending his WBO title also defended his son on Twitter and said he might be learning some of the defense techniques from his dad. “My sons been taught when A stranger puts their hands on them they don't know punch and run away self-defense @boxnationtv @frankwarren_tv," he tweeted

Meanwhile, Boxing News reported a statement by George Warren, CEO of BoxNation and son of Frank Warren, saying: “I’ve seen the video. Look, kids do silly things. I’ve got children and anyone who has kids will know they can do silly things. What I would say is that it’s unfortunate that his son was allowed to be there at that time. It’s Bill’s family, and you want him to feel comfortable when he’s weighing in and that request usually isn’t a problem but obviously, we’d have to think about it again."

“It shouldn’t have happened. We’ve got a great relationship with Banner Promotions and we’ve already apologized to them about it and I would hope that Bill will as well. It can’t happen again.”

The vice-president of Banner Promotions and the boxing promoter of Saturday’s fight, Matt Rowland, reacted to the incident and said: "I am more disheartened by Billy Joe Saunders non-reaction to his 7-year old child's actions,” World Boxing News reported.

People on social media also picked sides, while some users said the incident was hilarious. "When I have a wee boy it's my actual goal to have him boxing like billy joe Saunders son at the age of 7," one user tweeted." "Don't put your hands on somebody else's kid! Simple as that really!" said another.

There were also people who thought the incident was tasteless and that Saunders should apologize for his son’s behavior. "I hope something is done about Billy Joe Saunders son assaulting his fathers opponent. That sort of behavior can't just be let go," said a social media user.

"Hope Monroe take's Billy Joe Saunders head off tonight, his son and his behavior is an embarrassment #FightNight," another user said.

Saunders and Monroe are set to fight at the Copper Box Venue in east London on Saturday.