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  • A video showed a cat sneaking in to smell a newborn baby went viral
  • The feline immediately left the room to throw up after sniffing the baby
  • Many found the video hilarious, while others expressed their annoyance

A hilarious video showing a cat going to another room to throw up after smelling a newborn baby went viral.

A Twitter user, who goes by the name Rossi (@RossiSongo), posted the video online on Tuesday. As of Thursday, it already gathered over one million views on Twitter. The video was originally posted on TikTok by user @caydencazier.

The video showed the cat sneaking up to sniff a newborn sleeping on a baby carriage. But the cat suddenly left the room. The owners recording the video followed their pet to another room, where they saw the feline throwing up. The cat shook her body as though she had an upset stomach. Suddenly, she vomitted small amounts of yellow bile on the floor. One of the owners could then be heard saying, "Are you serious?"

The cat's behavior surprised the owners as they seemed to be astonished by what they had just witnessed, the Times of India reported.

Meanwhile, some of the viewers expressed their negative reactions to the perceived anti-social behavior of cats. A Twitter user wrote, "Cats are so annoying," "So dramatic" and another said, "Yup, I hate cats."

"Hmm, have you ever thought of how being very sensitive to smells can cause overwhelming reactions like throwing up? Puking it's not only a matter of bad smells or repudiation. Stop conflating traits with your prejudice," another wrote, The Indian Express reported.

Nevertheless, many people still adore felines. In the Indian Times' January report, a Tamil Nadu family reportedly organized a baby shower for their pet cats. The Coimbatore family had the ceremony at a pet clinic. The family members decorated the felines with garlands and laid out a feast of cat food and various treats for them.

VK Uma Maheswaran, an owner of two cats, said, "Usually, a baby shower function will be organized for pregnant women, praying for a healthy child by inviting relatives and offering a variety of healthy foods. Likewise, we wanted something special and surprising for them. So, we decided to conduct the function for the cats, who live with us, as we care for them as our own family."

Representation. A baby. Pixabay