National Black Cat Day, which falls on Oct. 27 talks about why the felines aren't only the harbingers of bad omens—something that they are popularly perceived to be.

If superstitions are to go by, black cats are symbols of witchcraft and misfortune. But, the day is specially designed to show despite many culturally-based folklores consistently painting them as bad guys, they are just harmless furry felines with a slightly unconventional appearance.

So, what makes black cats feared by many? The answer is simple—it's the weird combination of black fur and the gold eye color, both of which are produced due to the high amount of melanin in their bodies.

Way before the superstitions took root in people's minds, typically in 3,000 BCE Egypt, cats, including the black members of the feline community were royally worshipped, and even killing one was a capital crime. With the rise of witchcraft in Europe, the inkiest felines were reduced to being spooky animals whose sight induces fears about an impending calamity.

However, notwithstanding how frightening they look, some countries still see black cats in a positive light. For example, people in southern France, in fact, believe they bring good luck—a notion which is stark opposite to what the rest of the world holds. And, people, especially sailors, in some parts of Europe seem to echo the sentiment by deeming their sighting as an indicator of good weather. Black cats are even kept as house pets in many coastal areas of England as fishermen's wives believe it will facilitate their husbands' safe return.

Creating Black Cat Day has a special underlying reason which is encouraging more people to adopt the pigmented felines while keeping aside the baseless fears of misfortune. The Day was created in 2011 by Cats Protection with an aim to celebrate them, love them, and adore them just for the way they are—moody, mysterious, and the radiators of pure joy while frolicking through the snow.

And with Halloween approaching, owning a black cat can even earn you a bonus point as your attire will look more complete with one dangling in your arm.

A black cat at Mesetas municipality, Colombia on June 26, 2017. Getty Images/RAUL ARBOLEDA/AFP