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American Airlines aircrafts are parked at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in Washington, D.C., Aug. 8, 2016. Reuters

An American Airlines passenger was removed from a Chicago-bound flight from Atlanta Wednesday after yelling at a flight attendant and letting her pet dog run loose in the cabin. A video was posted online showing the removal of the passenger. The disruption resulted in a four-hour delay.

Michael Nash, a passenger on American Airlines flight 281, recorded the incident and posted it on his Facebook account. The disruption began after a flight attendant and another traveler clashed with a woman over her reclined seat during takeoff from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. The woman reportedly yelled profanities after she was asked to put the seat in upright position.

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"The lady was asked to pull up her seat for take off. An FAA rule," Nash wrote on Facebook. "Long story short, she flipped out and attacked the flight attendant!"

The alleged attack was not caught on camera, but Nash claimed the woman pushed the flight attendant during the altercation.

"[The flight attendant] was shook up, but handled it greatly! It was just crazy!!" Nash said.

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In the video, the woman is heard accusing someone of throwing water at her. Passengers are also heard yelling at the woman to sit down as she follows a flight attendant to the back of the plane with her dog by her side. The woman's small dog got startled by the commotion, and started running under the passengers seat.

American Airlines allows small pets to travel in the cabin on certain flights, but according to the police, the animals must remain in their carriers for the entire flight. American Airlines is yet to comment on the incident.

"When I first saw the dog, I was like 'Where the hell did that dog come from?'" Nash wrote online. "Turns out it was loose under her chair. So when she attacked the flight attendant, the dog got scared and ran."

Following the altercation, the flight taxied back to the terminal. In another video, the woman was seen being escorted off the plane. She wasn't arrested and was rebooked on another flight, an Atlanta airport representative told CBS-affiliate WBBM-TV.

This is not the first incident of an unruly passenger on board an American Airlines plane. In June, a Boston-bound American Airlines plane flying from Los Angeles was diverted to Denver International Airport after a passenger caused disruption.

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While there were no confirmed details about why the passenger was taken off the flight and arrested, one woman said she suspected his behavior was irregular due to drinking, while another man said that he was "trying to get to the restroom." Another passenger Bita Beck said he was "being very aggressive with the stewardess."

Daria Serna, a spokeswoman for the Denver airport told a local paper, the Denver Post, "The plane did land safely and depart safely." The man was being "disruptive," she said.

In May, an American Airlines flight to Honolulu airport, Hawaii from Los Angeles was excorted by two U.S. military jets after a Turkish man caused disturbance by trying to breach the cockpit of the flight. The man was duct-taped to his seat until the plane safely landed in Honolulu and the FBI boarded the aircraft to arrest him.