The east coast of North American will get a lunar show just past midnight on Friday, June 13. It's the first "honey moon" on a Friday the 13th since 1919 and it won't happen again until 2098.

The moon will appear larger than usual and shine a warm yellowish color. It's color comes from the high path of the sun and the low path of the moon this month. The moon is hitting its perigee, or its shortest distance from Earth and simultaneously entering its full phase, creating an astounding lunar event for us here on the third rock from the Sun.

The event may be what gave us the term "honeymoon," because weddings have traditionally been held in June in some cultures, according to National Geographic, and the bright, amber moon would coincide with the "bright" and happy time immediately after a marriage.

Watch a live stream of the event from telescopes in Canary Islands and Chile via Slooh.