An Airbus A320 belonging to Aeroflot is pictured preparing for take off on September 26, 2017 from Toulouse-Blagnac airport in southwestern France. Getty Images

A flight from Moscow to Volgograd, Russia, ended in panic for some passengers Wednesday after a seat caught on fire due to a phone charger unit exploding. The incident was caught on video.

The economy class cabin on Aeroflot began to fill with smoke as passengers put the flame out. The charger, which belonged to a Chinese national, was reportedly taken by police as part of their investigation.

The fire seemed to engulf the cabin in flames as passengers worked to extinguish it. Some passengers can be heard coughing in the background due to the smoke as it quickly filled the entire cabin. Speaking in Russian, passengers can be overheard saying "give water, quickly" and "give a bottle of water," according to Daily Mail.

Flight attendants stepped in to help put out the flames.

"We were already standing between the seats, and a charging unit began to smoke and soon it was burning," a passenger told the Daily Mail. "The fire was put out in less than a minute, but a couple of passengers began to panic."

"Somehow they released the emergency slides and some people did use them to get out of the plane. Others inside the cabin did not panic at all and left the plane normally by the usual steps," the passenger continued.

Aeroflot denied that the cellphone charger resulted in a fire. Instead, the Russian airline claimed the charger only produced smoke.

"As passengers were disembarking following a routine landing, a portable power bank belonging to one of the passengers began emitting white smoke," an Aeroflot spokesperson told International Business Times. "The smoke was immediately put out by cabin crew, and all passengers calmly disembarked as normal using regular airstairs."

No injuries were reported in the incident.