A packed plane is not typically the scene of yoga classes, and other passengers onboard the plane stare at the woman in headphones as she performs her yoga routine right in the aisle of the seemingly crowded plane.

Several flight attendants can be seen curiously looking at the woman as she curls up and stretches out along the aisle floor. The video, recorded by another passenger, shows the woman adopting several yoga positions in the aisle, including the "dogward down" pose. The woman appears oblivious to any other passengers on the plane as she slinks up and down the floor.

The woman in headphones appears prepared for her in-flight yoga routine as she can be seen wearing leggings and a casual top.

San Francisco International Airport, O'Hare and Midway airports in Chicago and Burlington International Airport in Vermont are among several major hubs that offer space for travelers to stretch and practice yoga. Mid-flight yoga routines for passengers have not yet been addressed by the FAA, but the meditation and breathing exercises practiced in yoga are encouraged for pilots.