A social media user caught an employee at a Subway outlet in London red-handed mixing bacon in the cheese that was meant to be used in both non-vegetarian as well as vegetarian preparations. The video was shot at the Subway outlet near Victoria coach station in London.

A Twitter user with the handle MicRighteous started filming the employee's actions, as the latter took the bacon out of the cheese and tried to shove the remaining bacon in a hidden compartment behind the counter.

When the employee warned Mic that he could not take a picture, the Twitter user and another woman are heard countering the employee’s warning.

“It was there. I wanted to take a picture and then he took it out and did not let me take a picture. I have the right to,” Mic was heard saying. A woman chimed in as soon as the worker said, “I told you. You cannot take a picture.”

“Why can’t I not? It wasn’t a personal attack on you. If you didn’t do it on purpose, you should have let me take a picture,” the woman was heard saying.

“No, because he took it out… the bacon… where did you put the bacon?” Mic was heard repeatedly asking the employee. When the worker refused to give him a definitive answer, Mic took his camera and went behind the counter to reveal where the worker had put the bacon.

While the woman suspected that the employee had thrown the bacon on the floor, Mic revealed that the worker had put the bacon scraps in a compartment behind the counter, which is normally hidden from the view of the customers.

“So that’s the bacon you took out there, but it was in the cheese wasn’t it?” asked Mic, after the big reveal, to which the employee replied, “yes, yes.”

Mic posted the video on his social media page Monday, warning Muslims, vegetarians and people allergic to bacon not to eat at the Subway outlet.

Eating pig’s meat, be it bacon, pork or ham, is considered impure by Muslims, as dictated by their holy book, the Quran. Apart from that, pig’s meat is also considered a taboo among Jewish people and certain sects of Christianity.