Missiles are driven past the stand with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and other high ranking officials during a military parade in Pyongyang, Apr. 15, 2017. Reuters

A video originally posted more than two years ago resurfaced recently, increasing attention on the dire human rights situation in North Korea. In the clip, Yeonmi Park, a young defector, told the story of her life in North Korea and what it was like fleeing the country.

“North Korea is indescribable,” Yeonmi said in an appearance for One Young World, an organization for young leaders. “No human deserves to be oppressed just because of their birthplace.”

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Yeonmi described what it was like living in the oppressive nation before she and her family fled to China, the lack of freedom, the intense fear and the atrocities committed by the government.

“North Koreans are desperately seeking and dying for freedom at this moment,” she said. “When I was nine years old, I saw my friend’s mother executed. Her crime? Watching a Hollywood movie.”

Expressing any doubts about the regime could get three generations of a family imprisoned or executed, she said.

“When I was growing up in North Korea, I never saw anything about love stories between men and women,” she said. “No books, no songs, no movies about love stories. There is no Romeo and Juliet. Every story was propaganda…about the Kim dictators.”

Yeonmi described having to bury her father during the night in secret when he died after her family fled to China, for fear someone would hear and they would be sent back to North Korea.

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“We were prepared to kill ourselves if we were going to be sent back to North Korea,” she said. “We wanted to leave as humans.”

Yeonmi called for action against human rights violators in North Korea in the conclusion of her speech.

“When I was crossing the Gobi Desert, scared of dying, I thought nobody in this world cared. It seemed that only the stars were with me,” Yeonmi said. “But you have listened to my story. You have cared.”

North Korean leader Kimg Jong Un appears before a crowd in this undated photo released by North Korea's Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) in Pyongyang, Nov. 22, 2016. Reuters