ZwitterCo, a wastewater reprocessing startup that uses advanced membrane technology, has raised $33 million in Series A funding to continue to advance its work, the company said Thursday in a press release.

The news comes after the Massachusetts-based company had announced in March 2021 that it also raised $5.9 million.

ZwitterCo's system uses a super filtration membrane technology that it created with "zwitterionic copolymers." It is capable of turning wastewater into ready-for-reuse water. The company insists that this technology is necessary as freshwater security becomes increasingly threatened.

"ZwitterCo is transforming performance and economics for industrial #wastewater reuse. With our $33 million Series A fundraising round, we will continue pushing the boundaries of #membrane filtration," the company announced on Twitter.

The funding comes following its last round of large funding in 2021 when it received $5.9 million to expand more on its membrane technology. Now, it plans to expand its technology even further in digestate treatment, bioprocessing and food wastewater.

ZwitterCo CEO Alex Rappaport told CNBC on Thursday that the company's goal "is to maximize reuse, so that you can limit the amount of freshwater consumption. We're going to enable a future of water abundance."

The Department Of Agriculture reported in July that "drought conditions were most severe in the States of California, Texas, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, and New Mexico." The USDA has also reported that more than 32% of land in western states is classified as "experiencing extreme or exceptional drought."

Main water sources for these states like the Colorado River and Lake Mead are rapidly shrinking due to the increased effects of climate change.