Two Southwest planes were backing out of the gate at Nashville International Airport on Saturday, with one of the planes colliding with the other while on the tarmac. The result was just a clipped winglet, and resulted in the two planes to be put out of commission for further inspection.

The planes were headed to Atlanta and St. Louis and passengers were allowed to continue onto their destinations on different flights.

No injuries were reported.

"Welcome to Crashville," one of the passengers tweeted about the incident. The passenger noticed that the collision caused the "S" in Southwest to be taken off the winglet of one of the planes.

In March, a similar incident occurred at the Newark Liberty International Airport. A Southwest airliner struck a parked Southwest plane which was at its gate. Passengers claimed they could see part of the plane's wing on the ground. No injuries were reported as a result of the incident.

There have also been incidents internationally where planes have collided on the tarmac. In March 2018, two planes collided while on the ground at Ben Gurion airport in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Although the collision caused "heavy damage," there were no casualities or injuries.