Passengers on one lucky Southwest Airlines flight were greeted with a free Nintendo Switch and a game to go with it.

The Southwest flight was heading out of Dallas Love Field Airport in Dallas, Texas to San Diego International Airport in California. After the boarding was completed and everyone was onboard, attendants began handing vouchers to the passengers to be redeemed once the plane landed. Every passenger onboard was being gifted a brand new Nintendo Switch console and a copy of “Super Mario Maker 2” to enjoy on it.

News of the giveaway first came from Nicholas Friedman, who serves as a social media manager for Funimation. He took to twitter, posting an image of himself and most of the passengers holding up their vouchers in celebration of the giveaway.

Many more passengers took to social media to share their surprise and joy at the special gift Nintendo and Southwest provided.

This sort of giveaway is nothing new for either company, either. Nintendo originally teamed with Southwest for a similar giveaway in 2013, when passengers on one Southwest flight all received a Wii U and a copy of the original “Super Mario Maker.”

And this also adds to the tidal wave of news to come out of Nintendo over the last few weeks, the most recent being the announcement of the Nintendo Switch Lite.

southwest airline
Southwest Airlines planes taxi on the runway at airline's hub at Dallas Love Field on March 12, 2008, in Dallas. Rick Gershon/Getty Images