The cryptocurrency market continues to grow every day and even for those who follow the ebbs and flows closely, it’s not uncommon for a new cryptocurrency to emerge that seems totally foreign to them.

For those trying to parse the markets and keep track of which cryptocurrency is which, here is a quick guide to some of the most popular and heavily traded cryptocurrencies on the market and the ticker symbol to look for.

How to identify cryptocurrencies by their ticker symbol.


Bitcoin remains the most popular, most valuable and most heavily traded cryptocurrency on the market. Despite a massive drop earlier this year that saw it lose more than 50 percent of its value, Bitcoin has rebounded and may be on the rise again.

Ticker Symbol: BTC

Current Market Cap: $171,492,172,250

Bitcoin Price: $10,167

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash is a fork of Bitcoin created in August 2017. When it was launched, Bitcoin Cash promised to increase the size of blocks in its blockchain, allowing for more transactions to be processed—an issue that has plagued Bitcoin in recent months. Bitcoin Cash has thus far failed to overtake the original Bitcoin.

Ticker Symbol: BCH

Current Market Cap: $23,563,282,666

Bitcoin Cash Price: $1,388


Ethereum is like the hip indie band to Bitcoin’s classic rock act. It boasts a range of features like smart contracts that have made it popular among segments of the cryptocurrency community but it’s never made it as big as Bitcoin.

Ticker Symbol: ETH

Current Market Cap: $90,985,142,922

Ethereum Price: $931


Ripple’s claim to fame is enabling instant and direct transfers between two parties with no fees. The cryptocurrency has been adopted by a number of banks and financial institutions who are experimenting with the network.

Ticker Symbol: XRP

Current Market Cap: $45,050,573,095

Ripple Price: $1.15


Tether is arguably the most controversial cryptocurrency. Designed to maintain a “stable” price and supposedly tied in value to the U.S. dollar, Tether has many doubters—including auditors and government regulators —who believe the cryptocurrency may be fraudulent.

Ticker Symbol: USDT

Current Market Cap: $2,226,497,148

Tether Price: $1.00


Litecoin, founded in 2011, was inspired by Bitcoin but is cheaper and quicker alternative to the popular cryptocurrency. Some believe the functionality and general stability of Litecoin make it a better long-term bet as a cryptocurrency that will survive well past the current boom.

Ticker Symbol: LTC

Current Market Cap: $12,195,111,480

Litecoin Price: $220.80


Stellar has been a rising star in the cryptocurrency community and experienced massive growth at the end of 2017. Like Ripple, Stellar is focused on improving peer-to-peer transfers by making them frictionless and free.

Ticker Symbol: XLM

Current Market Cap: $8,407,353,936

Stellar Price: $0.45


Monero has become a popular cryptocurrency because it provides anonymity to its users. That feature has also made it a favorite of criminals and has made Monero one of the most popular currencies in cryptojacking attacks.

Ticker Symbol: XMR

Current Market Cap: $4,534,272,670

Monero Price: $288


Sometimes called the Chinese Ethereum, NEO boasts a number of features like smart contracts that have investors hopeful for its future.

Ticker Symbol: NEO

Current Market Cap: $7,988,435,000

NEO Price: $122


IOTA is a young cryptocurrency, launched in 2015, designed to be the cryptocurrency for the Internet of Things. It has forgone the standard model of most cryptocurrencies by doing away with mining and traditional blockchain networks.

Ticker Symbol: MIOTA

Current Market Cap: $5,909,503,744

IOTA Price: $2.13


The goal of Dash is to be like liquid cash that can be quickly transferred and used anywhere in the world.

Ticker Symbol: DASH

Current Market Cap: $5,531,822,525

Dash Price: $701


NEM is another relatively young cryptocurrency, but one that has already gained adoption by financial institutions in Japan. Unfortunately, it’s also been in the headlines thanks to a massive hack at a popular cryptocurrency exchange that resulted in $530 million worth of NEM being stolen .

Ticker Symbol: XEM

Current Market Cap: $5,005,808,999

NEM Price: $0.55