Even though the recession officially ended in 2010, most Americans still haven’t gotten over its effects. Even as banks reported their second highest profits ever in 2013 and real estate prices hit record highs in cities like Houston and New York, 57 percent of American adults say the country is still in a recession, a poll released by NBC and the Wall Street Journal in March indicated.

It may have something to do with where they live. The recovery hasn’t affected all Americans equally and while some areas of the country have recovered strongly, others have lagged, including 13 towns, cities and counties that have filed for bankruptcy. Researchers at Wallethub, a financial resource network, compared 18 economic indicators -- like average incomes, unemployment levels and credit scores -- from 150 of the largest U.S. cities to see how their economies have evolved since the recession and ranked their recovery.  

Texas came out on top, with six cities in the top 10 and Laredo took the title of the most economically recovered city. Although there may be some trouble ahead for the Lone Star State, with strong job prospects and a steady, if slowing, housing market, Texas is still leading the charge. Cities in California and Arizona are struggling, with seven of the 10 least recovered cities, including San Bernardino and Stockton, California, which both filed bankruptcy, at the bottom of the list.

Check out this map to see how they stacked up. Click on a city to see it's ranking.