Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. during press conference at W Hotel Washington DC in Washington, DC on February 29, 2016. Getty Images

Floyd Mayweather Jr. seems to have the support of most boxing experts and fans. Some argue he will be victorious against Conor McGregor August 26 in Las Vegas. His father, Floyd Mayweather Sr., just added himself to Mayweather Jr’s bandwagon saying his son will "whoop ass."

In an NBC Sports interview with Helen Yee on Thursday, Mayweather Sr. claimed his son Mayweather Sr. would defeat McGregor and do damage physically. Mayweather Sr., who has been training his son, suggested that he and Mayweather Jr. together can take down the young UFC fighter.

"Floyd’s gonna definitely put something on Conor McGregor. I’ve got a few presents for Conor McGregor," Mayweather Sr. said. "I’ve got a few things that I want to hand him. There are a few things that I want to do, and things that Floyd can do. We’re going to be able to touch him up real good."

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He added, "Let me tell you something, even if it goes the distance, [Floyd] is going to whoop his ass. That’s what’s going to happen. Anyway he wants to do it, [McGregor] is gonna get whooped. Ain’t nobody gonna say I’m wrong because they know he’s going to get whooped anyway."

During the interview, Mayweather Sr. confirmed his son’s chances of beating McGregor and assured that Mayweather Jr. had some new techniques to display. Mayweather Jr., who is the odds favorite to beat underdog McGregor came out of retirement with a professional boxing record of 49 wins and no losses.

"You can believe one thing, y’all gonna see something new in this fight," said Mayweather Sr. "You’re going to see something that he hasn’t showed you yet. When he shows it, then y’all will know it."

Mayweather Sr. was an accomplished boxer in his heyday, and since retirement, he’s been training his son and other professional fighters. Mayweather Sr. worked with champions including Oscar De La Hoya and Ricky Hatton. In an April interview, he posited that he could step in the ring now and hold his own against McGregor, despite being 40 years his senior.

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"I’ll beat the [expletive] out of McGregor! Anytime he wants it, let’s go," Mayweather Sr. told Fight Hype. "He ain’t nothing but talk! I told them people on the TV already, forget about Floyd. Let’s throw Floyd to the side. Here I am, I’m a 64-year-old man and I’ll beat your ass."

64-year-old Floyd Mayweather Sr. said this, & so much more, over the weekend:

"I'll beat the s*** out of McGregor!"@Anezbitt has more. pic.twitter.com/8fGtmFnvNd

— FOX Sports: UFC (@UFCONFOX) May 1, 2017

The Mayweather vs. McGregor fight is a proposed mismatch according to experts, and Mayweather Sr. shared that sentiment. McGregor has never boxed professionally. He will meet a seemingly focused Mayweather Jr. supported by the training of his father.

"I’m telling you right now, [McGregor] can do all the stuff he want to do but this guy don’t know nothing about how to get your body right and the amount of time and everything you’ve got to do," Mayweather Sr. said. "He don’t know nothing about that!"