what is a vote worth
Scroll down for the interactive map. IBTimes/Lisa Mahapatra

If you want your vote to really count, you might want to move to a different state, because it turns out that not every electoral vote in the United States is worth the same. A vote in Wyoming, for example, has more than three times the influence of a vote in California.

That’s because the number of electors appointed to each U.S.state are not equally proportional to the population they represent. Each state has at least two senators and one representative, which means that in smaller states a single vote has a greater influence than a vote in a state with a smaller ratio of electors to population.

Here’s a map that shows you exactly how much one vote is worth, compared to the national average, in each U.S. state. Click on any state for more info:

Here’s the same data in a bar chart:

Based on data parsed by Ravi Parikh.