Jamie Anderson
Gold medalist Jamie Anderson Reuters

The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics have started off to a great start. Currently, the US is tied for second place, alongside Netherlands. Both countries have a total of four medals. Norway, however, is in first with 7 medals.

Here’s how the top three break down: Norway, the Netherlands and the US all have two gold medals. Then, Norway and the Netherlands have one silver medal, which is the one thing that is currently separating the Netherlands from the US. After that, Norway has four bronze medals, the Netherlands have one bronze medal and the US have two bronze medals.

Jamie Anderson earned a gold medal for the U.S. after the 23-year-old of South Lake Tahoe, Calif. Landed a nearly flawless run in the women's slopestyle snowboarding, which ultimately gave her a well-deserved gold medal.

Anderson said she had a “zen” moment before her run. "I was really just trying to stay calm and kind of reserve my energy," Anderson said, according to ABC News. "It was a lot of stress up there and even though it's just another competition, the stage and the outreach that this event connects to us is out of control."

Her score of 95.25 score on her run made America 2 for 2 in slopestyle's run on the Olympic stage. Enni Rukajarvi of Finland took Silver and Jenny Jones of Britain took bronze, which gave the country its first Olympic medal on the snow.

She was the second American to win a gold. Before her came Sage Kotsenburg, who reportedly tried a move he had never done before the Olympics to win the gold. "I can't even describe the feeling," Kotsenburg said, as per ABC News. "It's so cool."

But the two gold medals aren’t the only thing the U.S. has to be happy about. U.S. women's hockey team celebrated after won its first game on Saturday where they defeated Finland 3-1. Another medal was won for the U.S. thanks to Hannah Kearney, who won the bronze for the freestyle skiing category.

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