Although not as popular in Japan, Pumpkin spice foods are a seasonal favorite in America, especially during the fall season. Photo: Getty

Residents in Japan will soon be able to enjoy the wonderful flavoring of pumpkin spice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. McDonald’s plans on introducing chocolate and pumpkin sauce french fries to their Japan menus later this month.

Fries drizzled with “pumpkin and choco sauce” will be available in Japan starting Sept. 28 until Oct. 31, the New York Daily News reported Thursday. Although the exact ingredients in the sauces have not been released, the company insists that customers will enjoy the “rich flavor” from the pumpkin.

While not as popular in Japan, pumpkin-spiced foods are a seasonal favorite in the U.S., especially during the fall. McDonald’s serves Pumpkin Spice lattes in the U.S. and some select locations serve Pumpkin and Cream Pies.

This Halloween themed food isn’t the first of its kind in Japan. Earlier this year McDonald’s briefly introduced the “McChoco Potato” which featured french fries flavored with cacao and white milk chocolate sauces. The pumpkin themed fries are said to be a variation of the “McChoco Potato” creation.

For those who may not be into eating fries with chocolate and pumpkin sauce, there are plenty of alternative pumpkin-flavored foods. Philadelphia Pumpkin Spice cream cheese spread can turn your morning around by adding it to your bagel or slice of toast. Meanwhile, Pepperidge Farm has Pumpkin Spice Swirl Bread that features cinnamon raisins with a pumpkin taste.

Looking for a healthy alternative? There is also a Caramel Almond Pumpkin Spice Kind Bar. The bar makes for a great refueling snack after a gym session. There are also cookies, candy, creamers, chips and other types of food that can fill your pumpkin spice needs.