The United States government is looking into whether it will be able to help restore internet access to Cubans after it was cut off by the Communist government in an attempt to stop the flow of information against protestors.

Internet access was blocked after thousands of Cubans took to the streets to protest food shortages and high prices amid the coronavirus crisis. This marked the biggest anti-government demonstrations in decades.

On Monday, Cuban authorities blocked Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Telegram, Alp Toker, director of Netblocks, a London-based internet monitoring firm, told AP News.

In addition to the White House and President Joe Biden, who have expressed that they intend to look into the matter, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is also pledging his support to helping those in the country, as his state is the home to the U.S.’s largest community of Cuban exiles.

“The one thing that communist regimes fear the most is the truth,” DeSantis said at a press conference, reports The Washington Post. “If we’re able to help the people of Cuba communicate amongst themselves and to the outside world, the truth will prevail.”

Cuba is going through its worst economic crisis in decades, along with a resurgence of coronavirus cases, as it suffers the consequences of U.S. sanctions imposed by the Trump administration.