With Elon Musk’s goals of inhabiting space, it is no wonder that this sci-fi writer is one of his favorites. The Tesla CEO and SpaceX founder has gotten his inspirations from the author of a novel that many read while they were in high school.

Musk told “CBS Sunday Morning” that he is inspired in part by Douglas Adams’ book, “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.” The popular science-fiction novel is based on character Arthur Dent, who is saved from the earth’s total destruction by an alien, Ford Prefect, who is creating an intergalactic travelers’ guide.

The 1979 book has a philosophical twist asking questions about the meaning of life and other questions about the universe with humor infused into the pages.

Musk can relate to the book as he told the morning show, “My sort of philosophical foundation is in line with Douglas Adams. Everyone has their sort of favorite philosopher, but my favorite philosopher is Douglas Adams.”

Like Musk, Adams is witty and has a humorous side. Musk said Adams has a “great attitude, and he’s a fun guy and a good sense of humor.” Musk went a little deeper into Adams profound way of thinking by saying, “What he was essentially saying is, ‘The universe is the answer; what are the questions?

“If we expand the scope and scale of consciousness, then we are better able to understand what questions to ask. We’ll learn more, we’ll become more enlightened. And so we should try to do the things that expand the scope and scale of consciousness,” he added.

For Musk, both Tesla and SpaceX are based on these philosophies, which he said, “I buy into.”