The Tesla Model 3 recently set new records for both safety and speed, reports say.

Every time people talk about electric cars, the name Tesla quickly comes to mind. Now, people can start associating the words “safety” and “speed” to the brand as the Model 3 reportedly set new records for being one of the safest cars today, as well as breaking previous records for being the fastest EV on a race track.


The European New Car Assessment Program (Euro NCAP) has considered the Tesla Model 3 as one of the safest vehicles running on European roads today. After undergoing a series of stringent tests that checked how it fares in four categories, the Model 3 was given a 5-Star rating by the NCAP, with an overall score of 96%.

Specifically, the Model 3 got a score of 96% for Adult Occupant Protection (how the car protects its driver and passenger), 86% for Child Occupant Protection (how the car protects children riding inside), 74% for Vulnerable Road Users (how the car’s safety features benefits cyclists and pedestrians) and 94% for Safety Assist (how Model 3 users can benefit from the car’s active safety capabilities.)

It’s worth noting that the Model 3 wasn’t considered as “the” safest car on the road today, but as being one of the safest along with other cars. According to the NCAP, other cars like the Mazda 3, Skoda Scala, Seat Tarraco, Renault Clio and Mercedes-Benz B-Class got overall ratings of 98%, 97%, 97%, 96% and 96% respectively.


The Tesla Model 3 Performance, on the other hand, broke the all-time electric vehicle lap record at the Laguna Seca Raceway in Monterey, California. According to Teslarati, a Model 3 Performance driven by Sasha Anis on the Laguna Seca Raceway on June 29 clocked a lap time of 1:37.5, breaking the previous 1:41.2 lap record set by Cameron Rogers in December 2018.

With this, the Tesla Model 3 Performance holds the current record for the fastest EV lap at Laguna Seca, overtaking previous records made by the Lucid Air 1,000hp prototype (1:39.3), Tesla Model S P100D (1:45.2) and the Jaguar I-Pace driven by driver Randy Pobst (1:48.18).

Tesla Model 3
The Tesla Model 3 on display in Los Angeles, California. The popular Model 3s have driven more than 1 billion electric miles in record time. FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images