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Yahoo! News reporter Chris Moody captured a photo of Omar Grant walking his co-worker to safety. He posted the image to his Twitter account. Chris Moody

Through the chaos of Monday's shooting at the Washington Navy Yard complex, one Navy Yard employee found the courage to help someone in need.

As shots rang out, Omar Grant rushed to the aid of his blind co-worker. The pair were photographed by a Yahoo! News reporter on Monday morning as they attempted to escape the shooting that killed 12, reports The Daily Mail. Grant clutched the arm of his colleague -- who has only been identified as Linwood -- as he led him away from the building.
In a phone interview with Today on Tuesday, Grant recounted the fear he felt as he heard bullets ringing through the Navy Yard complex after he arrived at work on Monday.
"As soon as we got outside the cafeteria doors into the hallway, we saw people panicked, running for the exits,'' Grant said. "They were shouting. I couldn’t make out exactly what they were shouting, but I knew it was something serious."
Omar Grant says he heard the first two gunshots while standing in the atrium near the complex's cafeteria. That is where he says he first saw his blind co-worker as well. Chris Moody
But instead of fleeing the building with the others, Grant said he first thought of his visually impaired co-worker, who he knew would have a tough time exiting the complex.
"I told my colleague there that we were going to get out of the building, and I was going to help him because normally he’s got somebody with him there, and this morning he was all by himself," Grant said.
He then took Linwood by the arm and led him to safety.
"I said, 'This is what we are going to do,' and I'm describing where we were going," Grant said as he ensured Linwood that he would remain by his side. Grant walked Linwood from the base's atrium to the Metro station nearby, helping him all the way to the train.
Washington Navy Yard
The current security alert comes 16 months after a total of 12 people were killed and several injured when civilian contractor Aaron Alexis opened fired at the Washington Navy Yard. Reuters
Aaron Alexis, 34, was shot by authorities on the scene after his shooting rampage. Authorities are continuing to look for a motive. But they now know that the civilian contractor's history included trouble in the Navy and psychological problems, CNN reported.
Grant said that if sees Linwood again, he will be sure to let him know that he will always be there to give him a helping hand. But he continues to remain shaken by the events of Monday, and the fact that so many families lost loved ones in the tragedy.
"I'm here tonight with my family, and I'm thinking of those people that aren't with theirs," Grant said.