Former Beatle Paul McCartney
Former Beatle Paul McCartney REUTERS

Paul McCartney closed out the 54th Grammys ceremony on Sunday night, with second half of the medley from the final recording of the Beatles' Abbey Road, and his name began trending on Twitter on Monday with people asking Who is Paul McCatney?

Many Twitter users who are baffled at the trending topic and who could have asked the question are voicing their concerns. Here is what some of them had to say.

-- Every day people just Justin Bieber and One Direction trend, and today we have Who is Paul McCartney? I've lost the will to live.

-- Who Is Paul McCartney? Is this a joke or is Twitter just full of Hufflepuffs?

-- who is paul mccartney remove yourself from this planet NOW

-- i'm just gonna go ahead and assume the 'who is paul mccartney' trending topic is a joke. if not 2012 might be the end after all.

-- If you're one of the idiots tweeting 'who is Paul McCartney?', please leave Twitter. In fact, leave Earth. And never, ever return.

-- If you're asking yourself Who Is Paul McCartney? please delete your Twitter.

-- Looking at the Who Is Paul McCartney TT and wondering on what planet am I living

-- SERIOUSLY PEOPLE? 1 of the things wrong w/ youths today! Listen to real music once in a while! Who Is Paul McCartney?!

-- Who Is Paul McCartney? is the best singer, best person and my everything.

-- Who is Paul McCartney lmao wow!!! Some people have no music history I didn't even listen to the Beatles and I know who he is

-- I see 'who is Paul McCartney?' is trending but I'm not going to investigate. I'm leaving that alone. Like a cave full of dark and rats.

Sir James Paul McCartney, an English musician, singer-songwriter and composer, was born in 1942. He is a former member of The Beatles and Wings. He is said to listed in Guinness World Records as the most successful musician and composer in popular music history. McCartney 's accomplishments include 60 gold discs and sales of 100 million singles in the United Kingdom alone, according to reports.

Other members of famous band known asThe Beatles include John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr.