The Serbian Ambassador to Nato Branislav Milinkovic died Tuesday after plunging to his death from a multilevel parking garage at an airport in Brussels.

Belgian authorities are treating Milinkovic’s death as a suicide, though details on his possible motivations remain unknown.

Milinkovic, 52, was in Brussels for diplomatic talks and had gone to the airport Tuesday to meet Serbia’s deputy foreign minister and several other officials.

Around 6 p.m., after meeting with his country’s delegation, Milinkovic walked to the edge of the parking garage and leapt over the barrier, falling from more than 25 feet above the ground, according to the Associated Press.

The Serbian government posted a brief response to the Milinkovic’s death on its website without further details.

“Milinkovic was a highly respected lawyer and diplomat who served in Vienna and Brussels,” the statement read. “He will remain in the memory of his colleagues as a skilled diplomat, a versatile scholar and a noble man.”

Milinkovic was a former journalist and active member of the political opposition during the presidency of Slobodan Milosevic, who had been put on trial for war crimes but died of a heart attack while in custody.

Serbia is not a NATO-member but maintains a diplomatic mission with the organization to coordinate security policies.