If Miami wants to win the series, they cannot risk going back to Chicago with a 2-2 series board. The Bulls would not only retain their home-court advantage but would most likely put into practice their home court record muscle (36-5, best of the season) to show what team work backed by an empowering fan nation is all about.

So far, the Heat has attested to possess what a true championship contender needs: the all-stars, an unrelenting intimidating defense, an offense that delivers in the crucial moments and the worn out championship DNA in Mr. Wade, something he, arguably, still has in his blood. However with LeBron and CB1 still tugging their way towards obtaining that championship inheritance, we cannot help but say that the Heat still has to prove itself. Luckily, we have a Game 4 to give us a spectacular idea to see if this Heat roster is championship material. They have home court advantage, but the pressure that comes from winning or spinning out of control in Game 5 against a team that wonders us all when playing in the United Center(Game 1, Bulls win by 21) is very intimidating and nerve wrecking.

If LeBron and Co. can pull this off, not only should they have proved themselves and us fans that LeBron has dispelled the Cavaliers no-championship curse away but that they have been altogether been reborn unto a true championship contender on their way to become the 21st century NBA's protagonist, a dream all of us NBA fans have been dreaming of for a team since Michael's Bulls (admit it).

Although beating the Bulls is not exactly winning the NBA championship, let's just say that beating the Celtics(former Champion) in its best shape and in addition beating the Bulls is championship caliber.