Customers of the popular workwear brand Carhartt are calling for a boycott after an email from the company’s CEO began to circulate on Twitter about its COVID vaccine policy.

The email from the company confirmed that the brand was keeping its employee COVID vaccine requirement despite the Supreme Court order blocking the Biden administration’s mandate for private businesses to require workers to be vaccinated. Businesses can still legally implement vaccine mandates or other COVID policies.

Michigan-based Carhartt is known for its jackets, coats, overalls, jeans, hats and hunting clothing. The company has about 5,500 employees worldwide.

The email, which was posted by multiple Twitter users, was signed by Carhartt CEO Mark Valade, who told employees the company vaccine requirement would remain in place.

The email read in part, “We put workplace safety at the very top of our priority list and the Supreme Court's recent ruling doesn't impact that core value. We, and the medical community, continue to believe vaccines are necessary to ensure a safe working environment for every associate and even perhaps their households.”

The email was sent to employees on Friday and verified to The Washington Post by Carhartt spokesperson Amy Hellebuyck.

Hellebuyck told the Post, “Carhartt fully understands and respects the varying opinions on this topic, and we are aware some of our associates do not support this policy. However, we stand behind our decision because we believe vaccines are necessary to protect our workforce. An unvaccinated workforce is both a people and business risk that our company is unwilling to take.”

As the email from Valade began trending on Twitter, some customers criticized the company for the move. One right-leaning Twitter user slammed the brand, saying it “Went from 'buy Carhartt' to 'Bye Carhartt' real quick!” due to the mandate.

Some on Twitter echoed calls to boycott the brand because of its COVID policies.

One former customer also claimed they will no longer shop at the company until the COVID vaccine mandate is lifted.

But despite some social media users who slammed Carhartt, there were plenty who supported the company’s decision to keep the vaccine requirement for its workers.

One supporter said they’d be “buying 2x the amount of clothing” they usually do.

Another customer said they were “ordering some Carhartt ASAP!!!”

Another supporter of the brand said, “Carhartt will do just fine” despite a boycott.