July 1, could have been the 50th birthday for Diana, Princess of Wales.

Diana Frances Spencer was born in a noble family in Norfolk, East England on July 1, 1961. She got married to Prince Charles in July 29, 1981. A year after her marriage Diana gave birth to the couple’s first son, William, and two years later she gave birth to Harry. Today, both these kids are serving the British Armed Forces.

Prince William the eldest son of Princes Diana doesn't talk about her much publicly. With William, when it comes to his mother, and speaking about his mother, he really has remained very quiet on it, royal expert and CBC commentator Ciara Hunt told CBC news.

I find it very captivating that William has chosen such a significant day in his life to continue with duty and to celebrate Canada's birthday along with her mother’s birthday, Hunt said.

William has honored Diana memory in a unique way and Hunt is expected that William will celebrate her mother Diana’s birthday in a unique way.

William is following Diana footsteps by doing charitable work, giving Kate his mother's engagement ring or taking his fiancée to visit his mother's grave shortly before their wedding.

Ring 'very special' to William

William gifted Kate the sapphire-and-diamond engagement ring of Diana which raised eyebrows at the time.

The ring signifies so many bad memories to people but for Diana, the ring signified many good memories, Hunt said.

William in one of the rare moments on the announcement of his and Kate engagement, addressed the memory of his mother, by saying that the ring is very
special to him.

It's my way of making sure my mother didn't miss out on today and the excitement and the fact we are going to spend the rest of our lives together, William said.

Breaking protocol

In any breaking of protocol, he can probably be seen as Diana’s son.

Diana made three trips to Canada. On her visit, she took an extraordinary step of going and talking to someone who is on a wheelchair.

William is also emotionally attached to people like his mother that a lot of the royals do not have.

Diana was interested in charity work and the way William carries it out also reflects his mother.

Diana once took William and his brother Harry for visits to Centre point. William, who is the charity's sponsor like her mother, also slept rough in the London streets
one night.

Speculation and retrospectives

July 1 would have been Diana's 50th birthday which has set off a series of speculations and retrospectives.

Newsweek magazine photoshopped Diana image walking with Kate, which set off a blaze of comment and controversy.

Earlier this year, in Britain a book published by noted author Monica Ali based on Diana encountered remarkably mixed reviews.

The greatest legacy Diana has left for William is the way he approaches his role for everything.