Microsoft new OS Windows 7 version varies on its capabilities depending on what users need. Most non-technical end-users and buyers are wondering about the version differences of the Windows 7. Here's a short comparison of features:

Microsoft Windows 7 will come in three major versions: Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional, and Windows 7 Ultimate.

These versions will cover most of what people need to do. (1)All three versions are easier to use with improved desktop navigation, (2) Programs start faster and makes documents finding easier (3) Includes Internet explorer 8 which make web experience faster, easier and safer. (4) Users can watch, pause, rewind, and record TV. (5) It also allows users to create a home network easily and connecting PCs to a printer with HomeGroup.

Widows Professional and Ultimate have features for the office and advanced security as well. They feature: (6) The ability to run Windows XP productivity programs through Windows XP Mode,” allowing end-users a capability to run older Windows XP business software in the Windows 7 environment, (7)User can connect to a company networks easily and more securely with Domain(is a type of computer network commonly found in the workplace). Lastly to let users (8) data is protected with automatic backups.

Finally, Windows Ultimate includes all of the above plus “Bit locker” which (9) gives protection on data in a PC and Portable Devices against loss or theft, and (10) can able to serve 35 languages.