Windows 8 OS
Microsoft released the Windows 8 OS to PC manufacturers on August 1. Developers can download the OS starting August 15 via their MSDN subscription. Windowsteamblog

Even before the heat of Windows 8 Release To Manufacturers (RTM) could die down, the final copy of the Windows 8 OS has leaked to file sharing sites, The Verge reported.

The leaked version appears to be the enterprise edition of the much-awaited OS. Microsoft has apparently said that it is not going to discuss the leak. This seems to imply that the release and subsequent leak was something the software giant had expected but however, went ahead with its plans.

The way the organization has chosen not to react to the purported leak signifies that it does not want to bother itself with the small stuff.

The Verge added how the leaked version involves the 'N' edition of Windows 8 sans the bundled copy of Windows Media player.

The Redmond-headquartered company started creating the special 'N' editions of Windows after the European Commission ruled in 2004 that it required providing a copy of Windows without the Windows Media Player bundled in.

A post on Winbeta noted how Windows 8 Enterprise N is appearing on torrent sites. However, the Winbeta post goes on to add that they are yet to test the leaked version and confirm if it is real or fake.

Apparently, the torrent is targeted at x64 machines that come in a relatively small size of 2.83GB.

The torrent is not accompanied by any certification or assurance from Microsoft that it is virus-free. On August 1, the Windows Team blog published the schedule for the general release of Windows 8, which shows that the developers and testers can download the authentic version on August 15.

As per the schedule, the ratified version of Window 8 OS is available for the general public on October 26.