• A British woman burned her hair and face and ended up in the hospital for the holidays
  • She was blowing out a candle when her hair caught fire
  • It then spread to her neck and face causing serious 3rd-degree burns

What was supposed to be a holiday and festive event for one British woman turned into a horrific nightmare. As she was blowing out the candle at the dining room, her hair caught fire, and her head “erupted in flames.”

Emily Fairbrass didn’t expect that her holiday celebration would end up in a nightmare. She was in the dining room, blowing out the candle when her lovely long blond hair accidentally caught fire.

The flame didn’t simply consume her hair, it spread to her neck, then to her face and head, as per the report of NYPost. She sustained “horrific injuries” that had her celebrating at the hospital.

Christmas candle burns woman's hair
Christmas candle burns woman's hair Nennieinszweidrei - Pixabay

Living in Sittingbourne, Kent, Emily was leaning over the flame when the incident happened. The 25-year-old veterinary nurse was lucky enough to have been able to extinguish the fire. She then ran out of her home, ran to the house of a neighbor for help.

According to Emily, her neighbors Janice and John saved her life. As an act of gratitude, she has already sent her flowers and chocolates. She said that words were not enough to say how grateful she was.

Suffering third-degree burns, Emily recounted how she was suddenly surrounded by ambulances and firefighters. Still somewhat in a state of shock, Emily said that everything happened so quickly and didn’t expect the results of blowing out a small candle.

“I never knew something like blowing out a small candle in my dining room could result in this,” said Emily as she described the harrowing ordeal that she was in. She recalled how she simply kept shouting, “My hair! My hair!”

Noting how she lost her locks, she went on saying that her hair’s the only thing that she likes about herself. She was thankful for how she was immediately rushed by paramedics to Medway Maritime Hospital.

As a warning to the public, Emily advised that people would have to be very cautious when they have candles at home. One needs to be very careful where they put their candles.

Just like any brave woman, she said that the incident did not put her off at lighting a candle. She already wants to go back to work, but doctors advised her to take time to recover so that she can avoid infection.