• The 34-year-old woman lived in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu
  • The toothbrush tore through her cheek
  • People praised the doctors for successfully performing the operation

A woman in India had to undergo an operation after her toothbrush got stuck inside her mouth.

The 34-year-old woman, identified only as Revathi from the city of Kanchipuram in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, got a toothbrush stuck inside her mouth after she accidentally slipped on the floor while brushing her teeth last week. During the fall, her mouth banged on the ground, following which the toothbrush tore through her cheek and got lodged there, News 18 reported.

Revathi could not call out to her family, as she wasn't able to open her mouth. The family members, who came rushing after hearing her fall, took her to the Kanchipuram Government General Hospital, where even the doctors were surprised to see her situation, India Times reported.

The doctors closely examined the position of the toothbrush, and found that it was stuck in the dental cavities of the mouth. Revathi was anesthetized and half of the stiff plastic brush that came out of the cheek was cut off. Doctors then performed surgery and successfully removed the remaining part, which was too deep in the middle of the dental cavities in the woman’s mouth.

Revathi was currently under observation and recovering, according to News 18. The news went viral on social media, with people praising the doctors for carrying out such an intense procedure, DT Next reported.

In a similar incident in February, a 4-year-old child in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu had to undergo surgery after he accidentally swallowed an AA battery while playing with it. The battery ended up being stuck inside the child's stomach. The child, identified only as Arvind, was rushed to a hospital, where doctors did an X-ray scan to determine the battery's position. Following this, the doctors performed surgery using the endoscopy method of inserting a tube fixed with Roth Net through the boy’s mouth and successfully removed the battery from his stomach. The battery was removed within 14 hours of ingestion. The doctors said the surgical procedure was challenging because the battery had to be aligned vertically so that it doesn't harm his food pipe.

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