• Eight dogs in total were seized by the police
  • Police confirmed that no one will be prosecuted over the incident
  • A full inquest is set to be heard next month at Woking Coroner's Court

A 28-year-old woman in the U.K. was killed by her own pet after she was mauled by her American Bully XL and seven other dogs she was walking earlier this year.

The victim, identified as Natasha Johnston, was out with her pet and the dogs she was paid to walk in January when witnesses claimed the animals suddenly turned on her "like wolves" and began mauling her, reported.

She died at the scene at the Gravelly Hill beauty spot in Caterham, Surrey, on Jan. 12, while another woman who was bitten was taken to a nearby hospital.

An inquest was told that Johnston's jugular vein was perforated after suffering "multiple penetrating bites to the neck."

Eight dogs in total were taken into custody by police, but Johnston's own dog was the only one to have been euthanized, The Sun reported.

Five of the other seven dogs are being held by police following a forensic report by a veterinarian, but two dachshunds that were seized at the scene were returned to their owner last month.

"The breed of dog that was put to sleep is believed to be an American Bully XL," a spokesperson for Surrey police said, Daily Mail reported.

"Besides the update on the status of the seized dogs, we do not have any further comments or updates on this investigation, as it has now passed to the coroner's office and will be covered as part of the inquest," the spokesperson added.

Meanwhile, police confirmed that no one will be prosecuted over the incident.

"We have now received a forensic veterinary report and this has been shared with the Surrey Coroner," a police spokesperson said, per

"As a result of this, two dogs - both dachshunds - were returned to their owner at the end of April and one dog, which belonged to the deceased, has been put to sleep," the spokesperson added.

Johnston's friends paid tribute to their "bubbly, beautiful" dog-lover friend.

In an email to the Daily Mail, Jo Butchers, one of Natasha's longtime friends from her childhood home on the Isle of Wight, said that "long countryside walks with the dogs were her thing."

"She did a lot of dog walking here, not as a professional but with her own dogs and those of friends. Then she moved away and that became her job in London. She grew up with dogs, so she always loved them," Butchers added.

"We're absolutely devastated. She was so caring, a beautiful girl inside and out," the mother of one of Johnston's childhood friends said.

A full inquest is set to be heard next month at Woking Coroner's Court.