• The boy was found one kilometer away from their home
  • The body of the boy was not found until the next morning
  • Authorities are conducting a postmortem on the boy

Another incident of a stray dog attack was recorded in India after a 12-year-old boy from Kannauj district in Uttar Pradesh was mauled to death late Tuesday when he escaped home for fear of a beating from his intoxicated father.

The lifeless body of the boy, identified as Prince, was discovered in a desolate spot one kilometer from their home, bearing critical injuries, according to the Times of India.

The boy's father, named Omkar, was reportedly a drug addict. On Tuesday night, he returned home intoxicated and began berating and beating up his wife and children. Soon enough, Prince fled in fear, and when he didn't return home that night, his family became concerned.

"[T]here was no trace of him. Searched for him everywhere till late night, but could not find any information about him," Omkar told local news outlet PardaPhash.

His mother searched for him in their neighborhood the entire night but couldn't find him. It was only on Wednesday morning that the tragedy was revealed. Upon seeing the body, they immediately acknowledged it as Prince, and an uproar broke out among the family members.

A crowd of people gathered on the spot where Prince was found. They discovered that a pack of two to three stray dogs had attacked the young boy and brought him to his early death when they spotted the dogs lurking around the body.

The dogs were from a nearby cemetery, according to the locals in the area.

The local police have already taken the body and sent it for postmortem. Initial findings indicated the child's death was due to injuries he sustained from the dog attack. But further investigation will still be taken, in-charge Rajkumar Singh said, Newsday Express reported.

On April 18, a 13-year-old boy from Vasant Kunj in New Delhi was almost bitten to death by a pack of at least 14 dogs on his way to buy milk and grocery for his family.

Luckily, some of his neighbors and family members heard his shouts of plea and came to his immediate rescue. Still, he sustained at least a dozen lacerations all over his body.

Animal rights advocates continue to lobby the Indian government to resolve the stray dog menace plaguing the country, affecting the lives of young and innocent children.

A representational image of Indian employees from the New Delhi Municipal Corporation catching a stray dog during a sterilization and anti-rabies vaccination operation, Dec. 21, 2017. PRAKASH SINGH/AFP/Getty Images