• A woman in India was allegedly beaten in the middle of the road by her daughter's in-laws
  • The woman alleged it occurred after she attempted to retake gifts given for her daughter's wedding three years ago
  • People from both parties have been taken into police custody over the incident

A woman from the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh claimed she and her family were allegedly beaten up in public by her daughter's in-laws after she had attempted to retake gifts that had been given for her daughter's wedding.

The attack allegedly took place near Raura Kalan highway in Rampur district, newspaper The Times of India first reported. Footage of the incident had gone viral on social media in the country, the report said.

According to the unnamed woman, she wanted to remarry her daughter after her son-in-law passed away recently due to cancer.

Her daughter's in-laws then allegedly beat her in the middle of the road after she attempted to take goods that had been given to her daughter as gifts during her wedding three years ago, according to the report.

"My daughter's in-laws don't take care of my daughter's expenses, nor do they look after her children. They even beat her up," the woman alleged.

Further, she claimed that around 10 people allegedly attacked her and her three family members.

Milak kotwali police, who have jurisdiction over the area where the incident allegedly took place, said that people from both parties had been taken into custody for interrogation. They added that a probe into the incident has been ordered.

According to police, no case has been registered over the alleged attack so far.

A similar incident occurred in Rampur's neighboring city of Bijnor, where a 64-year-old man was booked by authorities for allegedly beating his widowed daughter-in-law in public.

A video of the incident, which showed the man beating the woman on a street in the Haldaur region as she was tied to a chain, had gone viral on social media, a report by Indian newspaper The Tribune said. The clip also showed bystanders watching as the attack unfolded, according to the outlet.

Police learned of the video and were able to identify the victim, 40-year-old Saroj Devi, and her father-in-law, Hridesh Kumar. When interviewed, Kumar said the attack had stemmed from a dispute over property allocation.

A case has been registered against Kumar, police said.

Representation. People from both the parties of the alleged victim and the attacker were taken into police custody over the incident. Pixabay