United States & China
Despite the relatively positive ratings the U.S. receives globally, most believe China will someday become the leading overall superpower. Pew Research Global Attitudes Project

Even though more people around the world believe that the global balance of power is shifting toward China, not as many view the Asian superpower in a favorable light, according to a just-released survey by the Pew Research Center.

The survey polled 37,653 people in 39 countries.

Twenty-eight of the 38 nations surveyed viewed the U.S. in a favorable light (not including the U.S.), while only 19 of 38 nations felt the same way about China (not including China). However, 23 of the 38 nations surveyed said China is already the world’s top superpower or that it will become so in the coming years.

While the U.S. got mostly positive ratings in Europe, parts of the Asia/Pacific Region, Latin America and Africa, quite predictably, the U.S.’s images is most negative in parts of the Muslim world.

China was viewed most favorably in Asia, Latin America and Africa. Predominantly Muslim nations also viewed China very favorably. However, likely due to territorial disputes, the Japanese gave China its worst rating -- only 5 percent expressed a positive view of the People’s Republic. Less than half of those surveyed in North American and European countries gave China a favorable rating.

Check out this chart that shows China’s favorability ratings around the world:

Check out this chart that shows the U.S.’s favorability ratings around the world:

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