Even bad days can be turned around by a simple compliment from a friend or even a stranger. On this World Compliment Day, we can celebrate the simple act that can brighten up anyone's day.

World Compliment Day, which falls on Monday, was started by Hans Poortvliet of the Netherlands. Now that it has gone global, anyone from anywhere in the world can participate in the simple yet fulfilling occasion.

The idea of World Compliment Day is to create "the most positive day in the world," National Today explained. Although that may sound like a pretty massive task, it can actually be done by saying nice things to the people around us, whether we know them or not.

No matter what it is, as long as it's sincere, letting someone know they're appreciated can brighten their day and even add positivity to the world.

On World Compliment Day 2021, let's have a look at some inspiring quotes on compliments, courtesy AZ Quotes, Quote Master, GoodReads and Brainy Quote:

  • "I just think it's silly to be stingy with compliments. If you see someone and they strike you as beautiful in any way, why not let them know?" – Jill Scott
  • "You know when sunlight first touches your skin and it feels warm and tingly all over? That's what it feels like when a compliment touches your heart." – Richelle E. Goodrich
  • "A compliment is verbal sunshine." – Robert Orben
  • "The greatest compliment that was ever paid me was when someone asked me what I thought, and attended to my answer." – Henry David Thoreau
  • "I can live for two months on a good compliment." – Mark Twain
  • "The power in a sincere compliment is enormous. There is nothing that makes people feel more special than to have their finer traits noted and appreciated." – Debra Fine
  • "It's nice to compliment people on what they're wearing, but don't make insincere compliments." – Letitia Baldrige
  • "It's always the compliments from people you love that mean so much." – Maria Bamford
  • "If people did not compliment one another there would be very little society." – Luc de Clapiers
  • "The best advice is often the compliments received, and they are often about an associate who did something exceptional. I tell my teams that it's the random acts of kindness, the unexpected, that people remember most." – Barry Sternlicht
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